First dating violence trial

The two were last seen at the baby's first birthday party on March 21, 2015.

Three days later, Jones' mother called police and said she believed Tucker was keeping Jones from coming home.

(Tucker) then started to laugh," the complaint says.

As a result of Jones' death, the Milwaukee Police Department and the Sojourner Family Peace Center, which helps victims of domestic violence, created a "High Risk Team" with other partner agencies.

Another relative in the house came into the room and saw Tucker with a gun.

Tucker ran from the house and officers caught up with him in his mother's silver car.

Some of the high-risk warning signs are strangulation, access to guns and violent episodes that escalate in severity and frequency.

Milwaukee police were sent to two separate domestic violence-related battery calls involving Tucker and Jones in December 2016. As the two struggled, Jones, came into the bedroom and shouted: "Don't shoot my daddy," according to the criminal complaint.

Tucker aimed the pistol at her father and shot him before turning around and shooting her in the chest, the complaint says.

A Milwaukee County judge sentenced Tucker to 40 months, or more than three years, in prison and then stayed, or suspended, the sentence for 3½ years of probation instead.

If Tucker failed to follow probation rules, he could then serve the prison sentence.

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Nearly 23% of women and 14% of men who were victims of stalking or physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner first experienced some form of violence from that partner as a teenager, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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