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Many also will provide dating violence lessons at your school.

Katie Brown Education Program Teaches dating violence units in schools; may request a donation Has developed a wonderful hands-on activity-based and teacher friendly curriculum for grades 5-9; curriculum and training is available for school teachers. org Day One, Rhode Island Sexual Assault and Trauma Resource Center Provides education in schools; offers free one day overview, there is a fee for subsequent lessons Found on websites: Love Is Respect National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline 3 lesson plan unit “dating violence lesson plans” then follow the links for “Dating Violence Education Package” Gender Stereotypes Lesson Plans search lesson plans “gender representation” & “stereotyping” In addition to the above website materials, the websites listed in the teacher links have a wealth of materials including brochures, handouts, poetry, victim stories, etc.

Expect Respect is a school-based program that focuses on preventing teen dating violence and educating young people about healthy relationships.

It was created for schools in Austin, Texas, where it has been used since 1989.

Evaluations have found that the support groups offer an emotionally safe and supportive environment for their members, and participants report that they produce changes in attitudes and beliefs, knowledge, self-awareness, and skills in developing healthy relationships.

Girls who participate in the groups also report a decrease in insecurity and an increase in their ability to identify unhealthy behaviors by dating partners.

The following is a list of curriculum materials that have been used with success by health teachers. In our school district in Rhode Island, we teach the first three sessions in eighth grade and the remainder of the sessions in grade nine. Safe This program consists of 3 parts: SUPPPORT GROUP MANUAL (24 week curriculum for youth victims who have experienced domestic violence, sexual abuse, or abusive dating relationships).

In our school district, this book is mandatory summer reading for all ninth graders.

If this book is then discussed in English class, it is advisable for English teachers to be trained in the topic of dating violence. Gift of Fear By Gavin De Becker This book can be used as a resource tool for teachers, and Chapters 1 and 4 (ex Parking Lot Scenario and Girl on a Plane) could be used when teaching about victimization.

It also can be used in Advisory, read by teacher who is trained in tdv topic and discussed. Leslie’s Journal By Allan Stratton Annick Press Go to lesson plan that accompanies the book. Things Change By Patrick Jones (librarian) Realistic fiction for high school. It is not advisable for students to read this book.

Tornado Warning By Elin Stebbins Waldal Sound Beach Publishing A must read for all, high school and up. When Dating Becomes Dangerous: A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Relationship Abuse By Barrie Levy and Patricia Occhiuzzo Giggans, 2013, A must-read book for all parents, especially those whose teen is in an abusive relationship.

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In an evaluation of youths who participated in one of these programs, 89% reported increased understanding of abusive and healthy relationships; 88% reported increased knowledge of how to help themselves and others; and 82% reported increased willingness to help others.

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