Edit ms query without updating data

In this tip we explored the SQL Database Query Editor pros and cons.

It is a very handy tool for some basic operations, but it still has some limitations and unsupported features.

Also, it is still in preview (Services running in preview mode are made available for testing, evaluation, proof-of-concepts and reporting issues and feedback to Microsoft) version.

In my mind, it is a bit early to use SQL Database Query Editor for more complex operations, but it can be useful for specific operations.

Edit Data: This option lets us change table records directly without the need to execute a query.

Why hand-type that when SSMS will start it off for you?This feature allows us to access Azure databases and execute queries in a browser.This tool is very handy for simple database operations in the Azure portal.Right-click on any database table and choose "Edit Top 200 Rows." In the results pane, right-click on any record, select "Pane," then select "SQL." This will bring up the SQL pane over the results pane, as if you just executed a standard select query from a new query window.You can then edit the query in the top pane, execute it, and the results that appear in the bottom pane remain editable just like the original "Edit Top 200 Rows" results.

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