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I had already become aware of the perverting effects of journal impact factors on science and scientists’ careers.And I knew that many other people shared my concerns.We aim to do a much more comprehensive job of discovering and disseminating good practice from around the world.Because bad research assessment leads to bad research.I decided about 40 years ago that I wanted to publish only in journals at which practicing scientists did the editing and editorial decision-making and at which the overall goal was to serve…read more » When Gary Struhl and I decided to work on planar polarity 20 years ago, we decided for a variety of reasons to avoid publishing in some of the journals that happen to have the highest impact…

Being involved in Science it Vital right from the very beginning has been a fantastic lesson in what can be done with modern communication tools if you just knuckle down and get organised. I wasn’t involved in the formulation of the declaration but was invited to sign prior to the launch and didn’t hesitate to do so.

We’ve also refreshed out web-site and have a new, easy-to-find URL (

This will allow us to raise the profile of DORA – we mean to get the word out much more proactively – but we are also determined to make a renewed effort to ignite the discussion around what constitutes robust and effective research assessment.

It’s always been important but I’ve only really been properly active in this space since 2008 when I started my blog.

I found that writing about science really made me think about what it means to be a scientist in 21 century Britain and that led me to learn a lot about scientific publishing and research funding, both of which are tied in rather convoluted ways to the business of research assessment.

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To find out more about these developments, we caught up with Stephen Curry, who chairs the DORA steering committee and is Professor of Structural Biology and Assistant Provost for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Imperial College London.

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