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Although not representative of modern self-help as a whole, the Seduction Community, an international self-help movement in which men are taught how to attract and seduce women, shares much of its conceptual terrain with other self-help movements.In the Seduction Community, dating coaches or seduction gurus teach their all-male students conversation skills and body language techniques, as well as psychological strategies that are meant to produce an inner state of self-confidence.The gurus furthermore advocate values, lifestyles and worldviews that they consider useful when it comes to transforming oneself into an enormously attractive and seductive individual: a womanizer, a “pickup artist,” a master of the “Venusian arts.” At first the Seduction Community appears to be a purely hedonistic movement in which all moral considerations are set aside.The direct goal seems quite clear: sexual intercourse with a large number of attractive women.The result is a curious interplay between hedonism and an ascetic focus on self-discipline: the hedonistic attainment of financial, social, erotic or romantic success no longer constitutes the only envisioned end goal, but rather become part of a larger attempt to reach a state of empowerment and excellence through an ascetic focus on self-discipline.This subtle interaction between the secular ascetic practices and the hedonistic promises of modern self-help is central to one of self-help’s major branches: the Seduction Community.In this asceticism, the means take priority over the end; the self-discipline needed to strategically attract and seduce women takes priority over the sex, or at least forms an important end in addition to the sex.In the Seduction Community, we find a diffused, fragmented expression of the work ethic described by Weber.

Before us is the work ethic famously described by Max Weber; albeit in a form that is diffused, fragmented, and “applied” to twenty-first century dating.

To illustrate, the present paper will uncover the ascetic tendencies of a particularly “hedonistic” self-help movement: the so-called Seduction Community.

In the Seduction Community, dating coaches teach men how to attract and seduce sexually attractive women.

Equally clear is the commercial character of the seduction community: the schools are companies, the gurus businessmen, the students consumers.

However, there is also a strong ascetic component to the Seduction Community which has remained hidden from view to outsiders, if not also to many insiders.

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You help yourself by transforming yourself into something better: a more socially skilled, spiritually enriched, financially successful, or sexually satisfied person.

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