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His true intention comes out when he states the goal of the Pandora’s Box System.

Vin says that “We defined the goal of Pandora’s box System as TOTAL DEVOTION …

I believe the majority of men are just like me and want to know how to meet the woman of their dreams and marry her and never lose her.

I could continually come up with exceptions to his typing scheme.His eight different personality types and his website that trains you on each had a ring of workability about it that seemed to surpass Dating To Relating in simplicity of approach if nothing else.But after studying and applying Vin Di Carlo’s Pandora Box system for about two months now, I am not sure that I can even recommend it in overall value over my existing #2 recommendation, David Deangelo and Double Your Dating.So a person may be one personality type when alone, another personality type when with friends, yet another when at church, etc.For all of the above reasons, this is why a technology is needed that can develop strategies on the fly rather than just memorizing approaches to a limited number of personality types. It is a technology of how to meet and relate to women and a way of developing an unlimited amount of your own strategies of how to meet and relate to women.

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  2. The Empress is not wearing a mere kimono, but a costume called “juuni-hitoe” (十二単, twelve-layered ceremonial robe).