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This stylized clasp type often serves as the centerpiece of a design.

Endless necklaces have a clasp-free design which allows for a truly uninterrupted flow.

You’d be surprised by how much information you could (and can) glean about someone based off their brooch.

During the Renaissance, obviously gold pins were easily recognized, along with the presence of pearls, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds., so people were able to easily identify who the principle members of society were. Styles Collecting If you’re interested in started or growing your antique and vintage brooch collection, we’ve noted a few things that are good to keep in mind while shopping.

It’s nice to know that brooches and pins still carry meaning today and that they’re still so easily utilized and able to add some punch to any outfit!

After the Bronze Age, in the Byzantine period, brooches featured beautiful enameled colors, which then paved the way for the bejeweled brooches that followed, including those from the Renaissance (impressive gold work and precious stones) and Victorian periods (beautiful silhouettes and portraits).In any case, we’re totally fascinated by these tiny accessories, so we’re going to take a look at their history…follow along to learn more about them and how to go about collecting them!History Since brooches are typically grounded on safety pin-style, metal closures, it’s assumed that they were first created and worn in a period when people knew how to manipulate and work with metal.There are many different styles, ranging from classical to current, pop culture references, so they’re great indicators of eras past and, because of that, there’s truly something for everyone.One of our favorite things is seeing how people transform a pin that we didn’t really connect with into something magical—instantly reminding us that there’s beauty in everything and that it’s all about how the brooch is worn (styling and confidence are key)!

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