Dating pet peeve

Girls who write, “I’m just looking for friends.” Well, then you’re a moron.

You’re on a DATING app and you’re just looking for friends? I understand, people say being “friends first” leads to great relationships, but that doesn’t make you right in this respect.

I’ve heard from many girls that it’s basically a dick pic parade and on behalf of my gender, I apologize. I’m glad you’re proud of your children and I’m sure this is some way to alert potential suitors that you are a single parent, but ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FRIGGIN MIND?!?! You’re posting pics of your kids on a dating site?? Cats and dogs are cute, and I’m sure you think yours is the cutest, but I know what cats and dogs look like. I also don’t need to see your favorite memes or art.

Most of your pics are with other people and most often the same people which makes it very difficult to know which one is you. If you’re going to have pictures that include your friends, don’t use pics with friends who are better looking than you! I have no pics with friends in my profile, but I sure as hell am not gonna let you see pics with friends of mine who are better looking LOL. Are you aware of how many sexual deviants, sickos and perverts are looking at pics of your kids? What are you accomplishing by posting photos that look nothing like you? I’m not going to be standing diagonally to you, so with the crazy angles! Please post at least one photo that shows what you look like. There are girls who for example will post four pics where the first three are random objects/things with the last photo being some terrible picture of themselves.

While I’m glad you’re trying to show that you’re active/adventurous, I don’t need a hiking picture taken one-hundred yards away.

Tinder provides a text box for you to tell me you like to hike.

I don’t have snapchat, but I get it, it’s cute and funny that you can add butterflies around your head or put a dogs nose and tongue on your face.

That being said, a pic making you look like a cartoon dog does me no good.

There’s this growing trend of taking pics of hiking.While we’d all love for our significant other to be our best friend, I’m on a dating site to meet someone to date, not be friends with.Being single for a long time yields a number of struggles that those who are lucky enough to be taken don’t know about (or at least can’t relate to at the moment).Now, I’ve been doing online dating since, literally, 2001.I have lots of experience, and coming back after 9 years in a monogamous relationship, it wasn’t much different.

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