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Residents of Second Life can "partner" with other residents.A partnership can signify marriage, dating, or even friendship.Within the virtual world, residents can develop land, design clothes, and build amusement parks and then charge other residents who want to buy a house, shop for clothes or visit the amusement park. The exchange rate is currently around 250 Lindens to one U. With chat and instant messaging capabilities, Second Life avatars can communicate in several ways.Users can also control the movement of their avatar, from basic gestures like a handshake, to more complicated moves, like dancing.Second Life was launched to the public in June 2003.It has grown exponentially as inhabitants of the world constantly build and add to it.

Avatars, the digital representations of human gamers, can do everything that people can do and more; they eat, sleep, buy houses, form relationships, and also fly and teleport.For those who have tried online chatting and dating, Second Life can take the experience to a whole new level, as users have digital representations to see and interact with.“I’ve made a great deal more friends on SL than I thought I would,” says Second Life resident “Melissa.” “Keeping relationships going with people outside of my immediate surroundings has changed what I thought constitutes a friendship, i.e., face-to-face contact.” Because the interaction in Second Life appears to closely parallel real-life (or would that be First Life?Sounds like an elusive fantasy, but the possibility is becoming a reality through Internet research in an online world called Second Life.Second Life is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORG), but that title doesn’t accurately convey the complexity of this Internet haven.

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Recognizing that Second Life presents a wide range of possibilities for conducting research in human behavior, some psychology researchers are becoming immersed in the virtual world.

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