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I am always clean and fresh, a man should always smell good!

Va dans le party de fête du chum à ta belle soeur ou tu ne connais personne, tu vas rencontrer du monde en masse.

There's nothing worse than committing to a 4h dinner to discover in the first 15 minutes that your date is a total dud, and then have to decide if you should be rude and bail immediately, or endure a terrible evening. Because the guys I've met always want to go like on super extensive dates..

a diner other activity ice cream cuba mount everest!! can I just go home and miss you for 15 minutes before you send me a facebook text?! :)Amis d'amis, c'est très souvent de cette façon que tu rencontres des gens.

In fact, our approach is to bring together individuals best affinity and involved in their research.

I work in a merchant bank, live downtown, own a car and love to travel, cook, see movies, music, biking and sp..

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