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Preferably from an older and wiser, motherly type, who speaks mostly in idioms and whose wisdom I can regurgitate as memes on the internet².Just as we pulled up outside the hotel, I remembered him paying by card and then the next minute I looked to see that he had up and disappeared, having already booked it inside, not bothering to wait the maybe one minute it would have taken for me to join him.I realized later that if anyone else had been walking by at that very moment, they might have thought we were complete strangers, not casually dating each other.We ate our frukost in relative silence but I remembered asking him, “Why did you rush inside so fast?It was kind of rude.” (I have no problem calling someone out on their behavior – maybe that’s the American in me.) “I was hungry,” he said simply, then shoved yet another piece of hart bröd that he had smothered with butter, egg and caviar, into his mouth.

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Along with a round of shots, a shit-tonne of power-posing, and I’ve DEFINITELY looked in the mirror at least once in my life and said: ‘you ARE a good fucking person, Becky’. I mean, I wasn’t expecting Richard Gere to march in and scoop me off the toilet like an emotionally fragile incontinent person, but come on fucking Gill from finance, give us a ‘chin up love’ and a biccie, would you?

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