Dating kenyan man

Yes, I would recommend dating a Kenyan woman and even marrying them reason being their positive attributes outweigh the negative.One thing thou, take your time before with you settles with one.Be ready to part with a handsome amount as bride price (for some tribes).

Kenyan women still hold African traditions and so the best places to find a good well-bred Kenyan woman is probably a church, workplace, social gatherings.

Talk about being supportive of their husbands, trust me, they are the ’real deal’. On the other side of the coin, some Kenyan women are too independent for life. Being strong is a good attribute but no man wants a woman without a soft spot.

They are also egocentric, especially beautiful ones who have thrilling careers and booming businesses. They discriminate and disrespect men whom they think are not prospects.

Most Kenyan men still have unanswered questions about what is so special about foreigners compared to them.

If you asked any Kenyan woman what it is like to date their fellow tribesmen, they will assure you how they are the worst men to settle down with.

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