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They work extremely hard to keep themselves fit and often they prefer outdoor life and natural foods.The population isn’t too much so you won’t see too many women straying away from the defined stereotype either.The women have gorgeous breasts and tight buttocks which can make any man go weak in his knees.The biggest takeaway here is that you can spot many of these beauties waltzing around the beaches in the tiniest of bikinis.For reference, those who watched the popular American TV show Baywatch can compare it to the real-life scenario here.Well, that might just be a gross exaggeration but mostly the women are water babies.On the education front, you shall find that most of the women are sufficiently educated and they also have vast knowledge about various topics.

So to enlighten all our readers, the city of Split is the second largest city in the country of Croatia.

What simply matters is the kind of game that you bring to the table.

The chances of picking up horny girls in Split City is actually quite decent.

They have lighter shades of eyes and a cute face which is ovular.

They have petite features and olive colored skin radiance which often tends to be a little darker than the women from the mainland due to extra exposure to the sun.

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