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MY POINT IS what makes so clever and watchable is that it's subtly asking us to also look at our own relationship with weed and how it affects our relationships with others, our loneliness, and ourselves. The Guy can be viewed as a stand-in for the audience—and we gotta make sure he's doing OK.

They are seeking a partner who will offer value to them (sex, company, affection, status, an end to loneliness) whilst putting in the minimal effort.

This current season brings us the latest weed man paramour, Lee (Britt Lower). This is still a new and exciting relationship for The Guy, even though there seems to be a distance between the two characters.

She's also recovering from her own slew of personal problems—she left her director husband after he got accused of sexual assault at work, seeking refuge in woody Upstate New York. The thread that connects these women together is their complicated or non-existent relationship with weed.

Though The Guy's profession more or less connects all these characters to each other, luxuriating in the positives of pot use isn't the main focus of the show.

And, in certain ways, it's isolated him from engaging in relationships in ways that last.

Or maybe he has a lot of weird emotional projection issues that make it hard for him to make a real connection.

Especially after last season, when we discovered that The Guy had broken up with his wife, who had a new, female, partner.

It was a plot line that mirrored his real life: During the press cycle for that season, Sinclair's So where are The Guy and his IRL counterpart at now? I got that RV last year before we shot the last episode, and right after I bought the RV, I was like, But we're interested in freeing ourselves from the weed delivery [premise]. Getting those competitive vibes under control was something that I wanted to nip in the bud this season, because I'm susceptible to a lot of negative feeling, as much as everybody. Most of the time, he's with people, and last season, we saw him alone in his apartment and he didn't seem jazzed about that. The Guy is looking at upstate and this RV as a kind of fantasy of what life could be, If only I could have enough time that I could take advantage of all the attention I'm getting right now and make more.

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