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Josh meets his first girlfriend, Stephanie, at job corps. He loses his virginity to her in 2 minutes and 46 seconds in the job corps bathroom, which he recorded on his i Pod, but lost the video.

Josh gets a job at Wendy's, where his job is to keep the lobby and restrooms clean, and refill the teas (something he struggles with).

After hearing that Josh has allowed Chris to mooch off of him for several months, Josh's dad tells his son to kick Chris out, thus ending the Chris saga, as well as the appearance of Chris in future videos.

With Chris gone, Josh begins to upload more videos of himself playing guitar (and occasionally piano).

He has provided minimal detail about these two jobs.

He discovered the band Cradle of Filth and began to identify as a goth.

At 18, he got a tattoo of the "Cool S" everybody drew in elementary school, calling it the symbol of his new religion.

He talks much faster than he does in his current videos, and has a middle-parted bowl cut.

Josh gets in his routine of making daily videos while not at job corps, referring to his viewers as "You Tube", and starts to take the shape of the You Tube personality we know today.

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Citing frustration from dealing with trolls, Josh takes his first (and so far only) significant break from You Tube, lasting a couple of months.

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