Dating he has no money

You can be a motivator but it would take for him to want to better his life without a job & education he'll see it's a mighty cold world ... And if I asked him to get a job and help me, he would be like "you know that's a sore subject! And then my grandpa got sick and before we left to see him in South Dakota, I said "we ARE NOT moving back there!And lastly don't string him along if you're ready to be on to the next guy ... I moved in with my boyfriend straight out of high school. " And here we are living with my mom because my boyfriend thinks there is better opportunities here..its just like this forum, its true we have our own responsibilities to ourselves, but at times, we need to hear others to wake us up.

this is not being a mother (definitely do not go to this direction).

motivate your boy friend, i read somewhere a line "behind every great man is a great woman." be that woman, make him believe in himself, be his strength to change his life not only for himself but for the both of you.

and when you guys make it through that ordeal, not only did the two of you prove that your love is strong but will have truly defined the meaning of "for richer or poorer".

People do need people, if not then this site would have never existed in the first place. But If you want to have those things, you should not use your emotions, i think just use your brain even though you did not love the person but you have the things you wanted, i think you'll be happy 50% then if you want to gain other 50% happiness learn to love the person who give you those things... Seems like you just gave up on him and went to another man.

first thing i want to say is what happen to you are you still a member and i realize this post is 2 years old and 6 months or you were not in love if you were you wouldn't of saw all those things he never owned. In the sense, you really not in love with your boyfriend. First you have standard and your basis is car, job, etc. Do not use the word love if you are referring or just looking to any materials you want... Does this man have the job, high school diploma and car?

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