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The show ran from June 1976 to September 1989 for a total of 501 episodes.In addition to television, Barris was a songwriting and author.(It was during Kaufman's appearance—long before the TV show "Taxi"—that he introduced the character of Latka, telling a gorgeous woman that if he ever were in her lap and she were Santa Claus and he could have anything he wanted that he would request a television.) Although its racy questions annoyed censors and much of Middle America, it seems strikingly tame in retrospect.

They had a daughter named Della who died from drug overdose in 1998.

Other notable songs include “Summertime Guy” for Eddie Rambeau, and “Love Sickness” for Milton De Lugg.

Barris’ first book ‘You and Me Babe’ was published in 1974.

Barris’ other publications include The Game Show King (1993), Bad Grass Never Dies (2004), and Della: A Memoir of My Daughter (2010).

PERSONAL Chuck Barris died on March 21, 2017 at the age of 87.

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First among these was "The Dating Game."What many fans of the show may not realize is that the "couple" matched up on the show went on a "date" that was chaperoned. Beyond airtime filler and a source of profits, the show served as a reliable source of employment for unemployed Hollywood actors.

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