Dating calcite

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AMA Style Tan Q, Xia Y, Xie Z, Wang Z, Wei D, Zhao Y, Yan J, Li S. Chicago/Turabian Style Tan, Qinping; Xia, Yong; Xie, Zhuojun; Wang, Zepeng; Wei, Dongtian; Zhao, Yimeng; Yan, Jun; Li, Songtao.

Two Hydrothermal Events at the Shuiyindong Carlin-Type Gold Deposit in Southwestern China: Insight from Sm–Nd Dating of Fluorite and Calcite.

Figure 1 shows the basis of U-series dating via the activity ratio of Th-230/U-234: The trace element uranium is easily dissolved and transported by karstic, carbonate-rich waters seeping through the limestone rock.

Thorium, however, is tightly adsorbed by clay minerals always present in the hair-cracks and crevices of the roof limestone.

The ore is mainly hosted in Upper Permian bioclastic limestone near the axis of an anticline.

The gold is mainly hosted in arsenian pyrite and arsenopyrite, mainly existing in the form of crystal lattice gold, submicroscopic particles and nanoparticles.

For this purpose, rare-earth element (REE) concentrations, Sm/Nd isotope ratios, and Sm–Nd isochron ages of the fluorite and calcite were determined.

" The Shuiyindong Gold Mine hosts one of the largest and highest-grade, strata-bound Carlin-type gold deposits discovered to date in Southwestern China.

The outcrop stratigraphy and drill core data of the deposit reveal Middle–Upper Permian and Lower Triassic formations.

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