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Yet grief, intense worry, and unhappiness resulting from widowhood are much more common among widowers and widows than their counterparts.

Periods of grief can last various durations – a few months, several years, even a lifetime – depending on individual’s coping mechanisms.

When one of the key components of this system is lost, the balance can be thrown off and the survivor faces economic challenges.

Women in particular have a very difficult time with finances after the loss of a husband.

The site itself is cozy, with simple navigation and friendly design that create an ideal environment to meet for the first time and develop meaningful conversations for the widows and widowers.

New profiles of attractive widows or widowers emerge daily, and Victoria hearts matching algorithms quickly discover the most compatible widows.

A 2014 Gerontologist study found that widowers were better with coping financially than widows, because men have greater economic support that “tend to offset the effects of other social and psychological factors”.

Quite often, losing a spouse means losing a social circle as well.We think it’s important to know that widowhood can be the most difficult and distressing time in a person’s life.When a spouse passes away, the remaining individual is left with a different lifestyle, a loss of dependence, and a broken heart.Matching algorithms select the most promise widows for online communication and eventually meeting offline when you’ll be ready for that.At Just Widow Dating com, you don’t have to concern about when or how to clarify your situation to a match — everybody who uses the dating site is in the same boat.

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