Dating and style in old english composite homilies

It tends to take the middle ground between the Textus Receptus and the Wescott-Hort text.It is also considered to be the better documented text, showing the alternatives and where those alternatives came from.

In a few places he didn’t have access to a Greek text and took some Latin text and translated them back into Greek for his base text.

Wescott-Hort’s text has eliminated passages that later finds have proven ought to have been included.

But the text is heavily weighed toward the Alexandrian manuscripts which show evidence of being edited.

While it was the best known at the time, we now know that Jehovah comes from a mispronunciation of yhwh.

And advantage is that they are consistent in their translation, where the KJV varied between Jehovah and LORD. Laird Harris notes in Inspiration and Canonicity of the Bible, “It is a curious study to check the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, a monument of higher critical scholarship, and note how every important Old Testament passage purporting to predict directly the coming of Christ has been altered so as to remove this possibility. It is almost impossible to escape the conclusion that the admittedly higher critical bias of the translators has operated in all these places.

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But then much depended on who was doing the translation of that section.

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