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643), the first Cameroonian generation that could expect high school for girls not from the most elite families (p. Yos and yoyettes learn about distant places via TV, novels and CDs and these ideas shape their “hopes, intentions and self-descriptions” (p.

644) When women advertise themselves online seeking a husband, they seek a man who fits the characteristics of Beti schemata about marriage and honor (p. Female honor suggests that women should be independent earners, yet boyfriends and husbands “should express their emotional commitments in financial ways” by buying them things and this increases the standing of women (p. Many young, educated women want a “modern” marriage: monogamous, based on love and financially secure; but also admit that a proper bridewealth marriage is no longer possible because the ethical framework for traditional marriage has been lost (p. “As men gave up felling and farming and moved to the city, cultural schemata of marriage as labor exchange were replaced by aspirations of marriage as shared leisure” (p.

The physical features of women are different in various lands.

These men are known for dating multiple women at one time.

Therefore, Cameroonian ladies are looking to marry men who are loyal and responsible.

649) supported by access to imported, canned foods and modern conveniences.

Desirable husbands now combine local and modern traits: urbane, fluent in French, attractive, well-dressed, providing true love and economic security (p. Disjuncture between women’s expectations of men and aspirations for marriage vs.

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  1. The couple should be able to enjoy the blessings of God as well as family and friends as they move into a marriage that has been well planned and confirmed in a healthy process.