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Her mother believes that she may be suffering from amnesia, wandering around aimlessly without knowing her identity.The authorities, her family, and her friends just want to know what happened to her and want to make sure that she is okay.This led authorities believe that Gail may have engineered her own disappearance for unknown reasons.However, her family and friends are uncertain if she would have been able to disappear successfully and remain hidden for so many years.The trucker did notice some pill bottles but did not know what was contained in them.He was certain that the woman he had given the ride to was Gail, especially because of her Northern accent.

The next day, when she was still not home, her family called the police.

After the broadcast, a forensic administrator who had been watching noticed the similarities to a woman found in the hotel two years earlier and called the tele-center. On November 11, 1988, her family held a memorial service for her in Brunswick, Maine. As of 2019, both of Gail's sons are alive and in their 40's.

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All of the men had alibis for the time of her disappearance, including a man named "John".

This man is not believed to be the man Gail was going on a date with.

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Two weeks after that, a nine-year-old boy found Gail's purse in the bushes of the restaurant.

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