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His guy friends may dislike you for superficial reasons. If you consistently ignore other people, or take up too much of your guy friend's time, his friends may think of you as rude. Being hopelessly in love with someone who doesn't feel the same way about you can totally suck.Trust should be earned, but unless she’s already proven herself unworthy, you should be willing to give her a reasonable amount.And, if she has given you reason to deem her as untrustworthy, why are you with her?Being stuck in the friend zone can feel so, irrevocably confining that you want to chug back some wine and bawl your eyes out watching Julia Roberts pour her heart out in “My Best Friend's Wedding.”Roberts realizes she's in love with one of her best friends once he gets engaged…and *spoiler alert* he ends up marrying the other woman EVEN AFTER Roberts confesses her love for him.A good night's sleep seems to become a thing of the past.10.

Instead, embrace the situation by getting to know these guy friends — you’ll probably begin to understand why she values them as friends, and she will probably appreciate the effort you make.He's close to your family, and you're the same way with his.You're in love with him, while he considers you to be one of his closest girl friends… I'm not going to sugar coat this one bit: It's complete and utter TORTURE, and pretty difficult to swallow.You've created incredible memories together, and bonded over the most ridiculous inside jokes.You know everything about his past, because you've been an integral part of it.

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You believe no one else can ever compare to this dude, and no other guy will know you as well as he does.9.

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