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The parameter (note upper case) starts a q session with a file of user names and passwords that will be checked when a remote connection requests is received.

No restriction is placed on file system access by remote connections.

In a development or testing scenario you can set this value to 1 to enable the familiar stack trace from the interactive console.

Your custom code should process the is a dictionary that represents the (direct) dependencies of all aliases.

The keys are symbolic names of entities in the workspace and the associated values are lists of symbolic names of entities that depend directly on the entity named by the key.

In a fresh q session, [0|1] command displays or changes the behavior of a q process when an exception occurs during processing a client (i.e., remote) IPC request.

In a fresh q session the default is 0, meaning that when an exception occurs the stack of the failing function is cleared and execution continues.

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Many commands have optional parameter(s) separated from the command name by a blank (multiple blanks or other whitespace characters are not permitted). Notes on optional parameters: is an optional namespace, returns a sorted list of symbolic names of all tables in a context.

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