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Lindsay Lohan is an American actress, businesswoman, fashion designer as well as a singer.

She became famous as an actor in movies like Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, The Canyons, etc.

Also, on Eid day they are all offer prayer of Eid in different Mosques and different special Eid beds.

After prayer they meet every Muslim and give the Mubarak of Eid ul Adha.

Eid ul Adha is also known as feast of sacrifice and festival of feast.

Lindsay Lohan’s rep also denied that Mohammad bin Salman gave her a credit card to spend money with.

The rep dubbed all claims of the sources close to her as lies.

Hajj will fall on the date of 9 August and till end on 14 August this year Every year When is hajj date 2019 offered in the month of Zilhajj the last or twelfth month of Islamic calendar. All the Muslims want to offer hajj one time in their life. S) was ready to sacrifice his son in the command of Allah Almighty. Next day he was ready to complete the command of Allah, but Allah stop him in the last minute and replace goat in the place of Ismail. Pilgrims go on different places and visit these historical places.

Hajj is obligation one time in every Muslim men and women life. Muslims that are go to offer hajj in Saudi Arabia sacrifice an animal on the first day of hajj. On first day Muslims sacrifice an animal in the respect of Ibrahim (A. His son Ismail was also ready for sacrificing to complete the order of Allah. Visiting all historical places is the part of hajj.

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