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Please don't spend years of your life wondering what could/would have happened with someone who selfishly wanted you but not enough to disrupt his life. Without honesty DH and I would not have been able to start this process. I think there has been a bit of confusion as I wasnt very clear in my OP.

If you have realised your DP is the one you want then you should probably view your fling as a blessing in disguise. If I had been honest sooner and told him I was unhappy before I started the affair I would have saved us both a huge amount of pain and anguish. It probably wont alleviate your guilt but at least the lies can stop along with the affair. The fling is the guy who has been on and off for last 18mths.

However since getting a serious BF myself 6 mths ago I have limited the contact with the other guy.

However I had a weak moment and ending up sleeping with him.

Join a group of people with a purpose, political, scientific, religious, social, etc.

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Constant thought of what you don’t have is not good, think of the things you do have.

Hey, your not the only one who isn’t finding work within the scope of what they took at school.

that was 15 years ago and we are still together, married almost 19 years. I did try an d end it with current DP as felt so guilty.Drinking water stations with addresses in sioux falls and their reported violations in the past:.My bloody valentine nude girl and small and fresh girl fuck videos.He knows I will always have a weak spot for him and vice versa.If we were both single ten years down the road then maybe..... i think you need to be sure that what your doin is the right thing for guilt to fade.i had a fling.

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