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The dissenters included Chief Justice Reynato Puno.

In a consolidated decision penned by Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr, the 11 majority justices upheld the MTRCB move to suspend ADD after its host, Eliseo Soriano, uttered offensive and obscene remarks against Ang Tamang Daan host Michael Sandoval.

Soriano founded the religious sect ADD, a breakaway group of the Iglesia Ni Cristo sect. Members of the two religious sects have been at odds for years, on and off court. 10, 2004 broadcast, Soriano described Sandoval using obscene and derogatory names.

The MTRCB initially slapped Soriano and his program with a 20-day preventive suspension, and later upgraded this to a three-month suspension.

The ADD TV program has been given a “G” rating for general viewership.

The format has been adopted to another INC program, Ang Mga Nagsialis sa Samahang Ang Dating Daan, in 2006, featuring former ADD-turned INC members ...The name “Raam Daan” means, “to achieve your goal” in the Wolof language ...Conflicts Between Iglesia Ni Cristo And Members Church Of God International ...The three-month suspension, he said, takes such form since it restrains Soriano’s future speech, and thus deserves a higher scrutiny than the “context-based” approach that the majority applied.“In the absence of proof and reason, he [Soriano] should not be penalized with the three-month suspension that works as a prior restraint on his speech,” Puno said.

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