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The big advantage is that the current data will be transferred into the longterm storage.

The way that bareos determines on what base the next incremental job will be done, would choose the longterm storage job to be taken as basis for the next incremental backup which is not what is intended.

To avoid this problem, existing incremental backups older than a configurable age are consolidated into a new backup.

Valid Macrium backup file types are: Enter the 'To' file for the consolidation process, or click '...' to browse.

As can be seen, the nightly consolidation jobs still go on consolidating until the last incremental is too old and then only one full backup is left. For this reason, the directive Besides the available backups at each point in time which we have considered until now, the amount of data being moved during the backups is another very important aspect.

We will have a look at this aspect in the following pictures: The basic always incremental scheme does an incremental backup from the client daily which is relatively small and as such is very good.

vmware plugings, NDMP, …) The Always Incremental Backup Scheme works as follows: Client Backups are always run as incremental backups.

This would usually lead to an unlimited chain of incremental backups that are depend on each other.

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When a job is selected for consolidation, all job runs are taken into account, independent of the pool and storage where they are located.

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