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One of the most popular sections of the garden imitates the painting by famous Impressionist artist, Georges Seurat.The LC Pavilion is an indoor-outdoor concert venue that has hosted events from the likes of Mumford & Sons and Kesha.

A movie theater with 12 screens, AMC Showplace Columbus 12 displays first-run feature films using digital projection and Real D 3D.

More than 30 merchants provide a variety of local, fresh, and authentic food that include organic produce, pastured poultry, and locally roasted coffee.

Known for their unique aromas, Simmons Winery wines have become extremely popular in the Columbus area.

Managed by the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the house is open daily for guided tours.

People Trails offers recreational walkers an eight-mile trail featuring both asphalt and natural dirt paths.

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The tour lasts for roughly two hours and covers major landmarks in the city like the Scioto River, the Arena District, and historic downtown.

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