Bible study lessons dating couples

Consequently, it would be prudent to converse regularly about the approach of the home finances.

Money is a tool for purchasing power, the ability to be a blessing to others, to provide for the ministry, and to glorify God.

Philemon’s slave Onesimus had run away, met Paul in Rome and become a Christian.

Now Paul was sending the slave back to his master, urging Philemon to receive Onesimus, not as mere property, but as a brother. Both possibilities and a variety of others enter a marital relationship. Sometimes, like goats poised for battle on a mountain trail, we come close to butting heads. Sometimes we sit together and lovingly hash things out.

Becoming the woman God intends her to be and the woman her husband needs her to be will cause him to love her.

A wife’s conversation (speech, attitude, and body language) is critical to the spirit in the home.

The strength of our emotions, especially when we are at odds with each other, inflates our tendency for self-preservation and diminishes our sense of the other’s importance in our lives.

— Philemon 1:8–9 During the Reformation, when Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli were exchanging strong words about Biblical interpretations and ecclesiastical practices, Zwingli spent a troubled morning walking the mountain trails of his beloved Switzerland.

Paul’s kindness to Philemon offers a very good example to follow.

—Wayne Brouwer Let’s Talk • What do we tend to disagree about? • How do we show our respect for one another when we disagree about something?

For a couple to be successful they need to have a source of truth that is relevant in every area of their lives.

Without an anchor the ship called the USS Marriage drifts aimlessly with every current or strong wind until it finally is beaten upon the rocks and utterly destroyed. As with everything God creates, he does so with decency and order (1 Corinthians ). Husbands are commanded to love their wives, not to make them obey or submit.

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