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Gabriela has taken "a lot of stick", as she puts it, over her association with Opik, whom she met on a television set in October 2006.

Coming so soon after the break-up of Opik's relationship with Lloyd, the perky weather forecaster was none too happy. It was quite strange for a first date to go to the Science Museum."Among other things, Lembit is famous for promoting the threat to Earth from rogue asteroids. "He is known for talking about steroids hitting the Earth. I don't consider myself Einstein but I'm not stupid, either."The Cheekies were accused of using Opik's political clout to ensure they could stay working in the UK when their right to residency was under threat.

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We paid our taxes in this country."Could Gabriela ever see herself as the politician's wife? Nobody knew Lembit before I met him - not as a celebrity."And Monica, would she go out with Lembit? I don't feel he's my type, really."What does she mean? He has to look good, be honest, caring, liking sports activities - we do exercise a lot."That's Lembit to a tee, surely.

"I don't know - would I have to do anything in politics? I don't mind his job but it's not what I would do."People wouldn't put them together in a crowd, would they? Monica breaks into an uncontrollable laugh."I can't say more than this.

After being shown to your table, the ladies will remain seated for the duration of the event.

The gents move from lovely lady to lovely lady every six to seven minutes.

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