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Shortly after the , Anno Domini was used officially under the reign of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne (AD 742-814) and in the 11th century, it was adopted for official use by the Roman Catholic Church. This started in the 17th century, with the advent of the term Vulgar Era; this wasn’t because people considered it to be an age when everyone was coarse or rude, but because “vulgar” more or less meant “ordinary” or “common”, thus reflecting that the era was “of or belonging to the common people” (from the Latin vulgaris).

The first documented instance of the (Vulgar Era, meaning “Common Era”) being used interchangeably with Anno Domini was featured in Latin works by Johannes Kepler in 1615, 1616, and 1617.

Adding that to PC concerns and you have a reason why many archaeologists and historians now use BCE/CE.

So I see that most modern books are now using BCE/CE instead of BC/AD and I am trying to find a reason other than it being politically correct.(This is no surprise as Bede, like Dionysius, didn’t have a numeral zero to work with, see: The Story of Zero.However, they both did at various times reference the Latin nihil, “nothing”, in certain places in calculating their tables where the number zero should have gone had they had such a numeral.) It should also be noted that Bede didn’t actually use any such “BC” abbreviation, but rather in just one instance mentioned a year based on ante incarnationis dominicae tempus (“before the time of the lord’s incarnation”). ancient.eu/image/8297/ #History pic.twitter.com/El AHCOKv RL Well as it was completed pre-Constantine the Romans may've preferred to say it was completed in either 877 or 878 AUC. The exact function of the building in antiquity is not known, but it was likely built as a building or temple for a ruler cult.

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Afterward, he switched to an escalating policy of persecution to try to get Christians to worship the Roman gods.

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