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It all feels so pointless sometimes, and it's always my fault, isn't it?

This exact issue has been on my mind a lot lately, and it's one of the reasons I'm currently taking a break from dating—I just can't do it anymore.

Those men are, mind you, mostly artists and musicians—types that are highly sought-out in our local dating scene.

Boulevard Ave/st, whatever, parallels Prince Ave and has older homes.

They can be pricey as well but not on the order of 5 Points.

You're not the type anyone would ever want to be seen in public with, anyway. So we downplay the pain and neglect our own emotional and social needs, and some of us deal with our perceived inadequacy in unhealthy ways.

I know way too many women in this town who want love but use alcohol and disordered eating to kill the pain of seeking it out.

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