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However, under no circumstances do you go for the typical douche bag questions: “Do you come here often? It is important to understand that you are constantly on the verge of fucking things up; this is a basic algebraic curve, the more time you spend talking out of your ass while downing tequila means a greater chance of you coming off as that typical club douche-bag.

No, she isn’t exactly dropping to her knees, but she is definitely intrigued.

Compliment her on something other than her ass and eyes; drop the signs that there is interest without asking her into the bathroom stall; let her know that she was in your dream the other night and keep rolling into the rest of the story.

Never tell her it was a fantasy, but rather let her know that she’s in your thoughts even when she’s not around. Mental Warfare If you’ve made it this far, just know that you’re executing as well as Will Smith in Even though the movie was terrible, the point is you’re 90% there.

The goal is to solidify your intelligence and worth. If you think you are Elite enough to be chased by women, you’ll have to learn some wit and quick.(Insider advice: read a few acts of for reference)Perfect Your Timing Engage her interests, leave an impact, and walk away—physically, digitally, and socially.

If you put off a false persona at the introduction do not break character. The importance of timing this down to seconds is a true art.

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