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But if not, that does not make you any less of value than a Christian who has a significant other.

Scripture: (Jonah 2:9) At 22, I’ve had my family, church body, and various other Christians badger me for the past four years about when I will find my significant other.

The song went on to reach number 1 in the UK for a single week.

They cannot fill the God-shaped hole in our hearts, only God can do that.

After all, my older sister married at 22, mom at 19, grandmother at 18. Seeing that God doesn’t intend for me at this current time to pursue a long-term relationship, I can often feel that pressure to rush a relationship.

Any time I mention a name of the opposite sex, it can raise eyebrows as they begin typing his name into social media to track him down.

Scripture: (Ecclesiastes ) Cognitively, I know we can figure that this is a flat-out lie.

But sometimes filtered Instagram wedding photos and cute anniversary pictures can make it seem like married couples faced fewer worries in life.

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No one really, “Has it easy.” Scripture: Singles do often have something married couples do not: time.

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