Ancient egyptian dating system Reallifecam lina and mark video

The earliest remaining example survives from the Temple of Karnak is dated to the 15th century BCE.

Water drips through a small hole in one container to a lower one.

Reform did, however, come after the defeat of Cleopatra and Anthony by the Roman General (and soon to be Emperor) Augustus in 31 BCE.Marks on either container can be used to give a record of hours passed.Some Egyptian clepsydras have several sets of marks to be used at different times of the year, to maintain consistency with the seasonal temporal hours.The design of the clepsydra was later adapted and improved by the Greeks.As a result of the campaigns of Alexander the Great, a great wealth of knowledge of astronomy was exported from Babylon into India, Persia, the Mediterranean, and Egypt.

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The great city of Alexandria with its impressive Library, both founded by the Greek-Macedonian family of Ptolemy, served as an academic center.

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