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But this time I think we're all ready for it.'Hang on, though; Amerie, now 29, was born in January 1978, which means that she was a mere stripling through most of the decade she claims to revere.

'But all the music was being played around our house,' she stresses.

Amerie, who studied dance and started entering and winning talent shows from the third grade, decided she'd give the entertainment world a shot after she'd finished her degree, while Angela decided to become an entertainment lawyer; she now looks after her sister's legal affairs.'It was a 180-degree turn, and my mom always laughs about that,' says Amerie.

'She says, you think you have your children all figured out, but you never know what's going to happen.' The sisters remain very close, and share an apartment in New York.'In some ways, our personalities have remained the same,' says Amerie.

And, with the release of her third album, Because I Love It, she has moved beyond the influence of early mentors - such as 'Crazy in Love' creator Rich Harrison, who crafted her earlier hits, including 'Why Don't We Fall in Love' and '1 Thing' - to write and produce much of her own material.

The first fruit of her labours, the single 'Take Control', is a maddeningly infectious soul-hip-hop hybrid on which Amerie implores her paramour to assist her in exercising constraint, while a chattering guitar line and slapping snare drum encourage just the opposite approach.

'As a kid, I wanted to do everything,' she recalls.'My mother was a pianist and my parents loved all kinds of music, so we'd have the Grease soundtrack, Barbra Streisand, Madonna, the Beastie Boys, heavy metal.I think it all went in subliminally.' And, she adds, it's taken a while for all these influences to percolate into her own music.I'd be, like, why do I have to come down on one side or the other?I get that people love to categorise, but I think we get a little too hung up on it sometimes.' (For the record, she feels 'very Korean', speaks the language fluently, and cooks Korean at home; she's also pretty big in Korea itself, where 'they seem to have really embraced me, which is great.')As a child, Amerie needed little inducement to perform for family and friends - 'I used to put on endless shows, and they'd be pleading with me to get my face out of the camera,' she recalls cheerily - but, as she got older, 'I got a lot shyer about that kind of stuff, whereas my sister became much more outgoing.

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