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Group chats can feel a lot more like a conversation in the real world, with the in-jokes, friendly banter, etc., that we’ve come to expect.They’re a great way to quickly make plans, talk about your day, and share information that your entire friend group or family will need to know, including vacation plans and other similar details."If it is blood you seek, you are welcome to join us." We are a themed server based on Greek mythology. Aside from being a unique server, we are also a gaming server from mobile to pc platform. We have a game called "War of the gods" which we let our members chose a "God" to pick for a team and have them fight to win our event.Since these Air G chat rooms are aimed at smaller niche audiences, discussions are often more focused than those in the Featured Rooms section.Communities develop within these rooms, yet are still open to new users.This means you can make the name of your group something fun, or something that truly describes what your group is all about (thus helping to keep the group on-topic).And you can usually change them on a dime, so that study group can become a party planning group at the drop of a hat.

As the name suggests, the Regional Chat Rooms subcategory includes a myriad of topics separated by geographical, racial and age groups.Also see our article 135 Great Selfie Captions for Pictures of Yourself on Instagram One of the coolest things about some group messaging platforms, including Whats App, Group Me, and Facebook Messenger is the ability to rename and change what your group chat is called.Unlike SMS threads, instead of simply displaying the names of the people you’re chatting with in the area above, some applications can completely change the name of the group for all users.Any of these can be used in conjunction with your group of friends, family members, loved ones, and everything in between. No matter whether you’re just shooting the bull with your friends within your group, or you’re making plans for the weekend or night out, it’s great to have a reliable group chat you can come to when you need to vent, cry, laugh, and anything else you rely on your loved ones for. Do you have your own group chat names that you use for your family and friends?

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No matter what type of friend group you’re in, we think one of these will fit you nicely. Friends are so much fun, and with that comes some of the best group chats around.

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