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For Christians, it is clear how it works and it’s power.Non-Christians may dismiss it due to the spiritual content and as one more attempt to “push religion.” The question that they may be wondering about is, “How does the book “Love Dare” with is practical, day to day advice, measure up against the marriage research on injecting love and passion back into a lifeless marriage? ” First, know that Christian’s divorce at the same rate as Non-Christians. Research shows that all marriages have an Imagine that each person can make deposits into and withdrawals from the account based on each and every interaction they have with each other.If you'd rather not see your name appear on your test results, check the "Anonymous" box.If you've been here before, then use the "Sign In" tab.

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Recently, there has been a firestorm of excitement among the Christian community.

“Fireproof” has been endorsed by many Christian ministries. The movie focuses around a firefighter and his spouse whom are on the brink of divorce.

The husband commits himself to taking “The Love Dare” for 40 days with the idea his marriage will improve after 40 days.

Not withstanding, it is difficult concept to appreciate for a marriage on the brink of divorce.

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The marriage itself keeps track of the day to day deposits and withdrawals, much like a checkbook register.

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