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It seems like literally everybody drinks, and if you’ve built your social life on a foundation of bottles and shots, it can be hard to imagine what you’ll ever do for fun if you stop drinking.It does take effort, but if you do the work and step out of your comfort zone, there are so many interesting new people you can meet, doing activities that really feed your spirit — without booze!The self-confidence that comes with this is like you look amazing?But when you see pictures of your drunken self later you realize you looked a mess? Because not only do you look better in pictures, but your actual beauty improves.In addition to meeting new people, some of your friends and family may actually prefer you sober, because you’ll be more present and actually keep different commitments (instead of flaking out due to being hungover).At first it can be a little scary, but if you go into your alcohol break with an open mind (and a hint of a plan), you might be pleasantly surprised at how great your social life actually turns out to be. It fuels college tailgating events and frat parties, corporate events without booze are unheard of, and a girls’ trip without cocktails could barely be labeled as such. Moderating my alcohol intake was going well, and I even grew confident that I was no longer a problem drinker!

It’ll keep your mind off what you you’re missing by not drinking. It’s great for finding new sober activities to try without going to AA meetings.

This has so many benefits beyond sobriety that before long you’ll be expressing gratitude for starting a gratitude journal lol!

Pro Tip I expressed genuine thanks for in the very beginning of my sobriety journey.

Puffiness and under-eye circles diminished, and my face and body slimmed down a bit too.

I slept better so I was well-rested, and overall I began to look younger, healthier and more vibrant.

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